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This page is meant to have user group meetings, whether online or offline, logged and monitored. For non-council members, please add the meetings you have with other members that are relevant to this user group in the "Others" section. A brief description of the meeting is highly encouraged to include. For questions such as how to participate in one of these events, how to access my WNUG account, and how to use Trello for event planning, please discuss this in the talk page or contact one of the designated contacts of this user group.


The 1st WikiNavigator Conference

The 2nd WikiNavigator Conference

Status: Delayed Indefinitely until further notice

Wiki Online and Offline MeetingsEdit

  • WNUG 2022 - Hong Kong : Cancelled, COVID-19.
  • WNUG 2022 - Online
Status:   Done


Newbie Guidelines Project (for mentors/instructors)
Status: Proposed; to be discussed.
Newcomer Handbook Project (for newcomers)
Status: EAC endorsed; to be discussed in group


Small Group MeetingsEdit

Group Checkup 2021 (online, open to anyone who's interested)Edit

Group Checkup - December:   Done on 12/11/2021

Group Checkup 2022 (online, open to anyone who's interested)Edit

Group Checkup - January

Status:   Done.


Group Checkup - February

Status: Cancelled

Group Checkup - March

Status:   Done

Group Checkup - April

Status:   Done

Group Checkup - May

Status: Cancelled

Group Checkup Renamed As CGM (Coordinated Group Meetings)Edit

CGM JuneEdit

Status:   Done Notes will be published tomorrow UTC+8.

CGM JulyEdit

Status:   Done
(Edit: 7/3/2022) Postponed to 7/17 9:00 pm SGT. Responses submitted 48 hours prior to the CGM will not be accepted.

CGM AugustEdit

Status:   Done

CGM SeptemberEdit

Status:   Done

CGM OctoberEdit

Status: Cancelled

CGM NovemberEdit

Status: Cancelled

CGM DecemberEdit

Status: Cancelled


CGM JanuaryEdit

Status: Cancelled

CGM FebruaryEdit

Status: Cancelled

CGM MarchEdit

Status: Planning In Progress


Edit-a-thon Associated Planning Meetings: These meetings are not open for public discussions. Invitees only. Notes regarding the meetings will not be published as well. Brief summaries, however, will be published on the dedicated pages.

EAC (Executive & Administrative Club) MeetingsEdit

Note: EAC routine meetings will always be the week after the general meeting. Emergency EAC meetings may be scheduled without prior notice.


First Routine EAC MeetingEdit

Status:   Done.

Second Routine EAC MeetingEdit

Status:   Done

Third Routine EAC MeetingEdit

Status:   Done

Fourth Routine EAC MeetingEdit

Status: Planned for April 2023


  • Drafting annual plan and five-year plan
  • Proposing revisions for the scope of the user group
  • Proposing changes to group structure and membership
  • Assessing possibility of creating newcomer guides
  • Drafting for-public Annual Report
Status:   Done


Meeting Link Request Form (English): [1]
Please use this link only if all of the following applies to you:

  1. You have not joined the public Telegram group for WNUG.
  2. You are not a member of The Wikimedia Navigator User Group.
  3. You have been instructed by a WNUG representative to fill out this form.