Wikimedia Navigator User Group/Events And Activities/CGM2022/April

The Group Meeting on April 2022, designated to act as a monthly checkup on the group's status, have discussed the following:
Full notes can be found here

Topics Covered edit

  • Discussed question regarding group members
  • Discussed questions addressed by affcom
  • Discussed about the possibilities of reforming the user group into a geography-focused thematic user group, which provides easier transition into a thematic organization.
  • Discussed the role of council
  • Discussed edit-a-thon possibilities
  • Discussed future events hosting jointed with other local recognized user groups
  • Discussed the required documentation for abiding affcom requirement in light of the recent office action
  • Concluded by finishing discussion on the 3 questions from affcom. Documentation for assurance in preventing OA2021 individuals from participating is in progress.

Participants edit

In observance of The National College Entrance Examination, User:30000lightyears and User:SD_hehua are excused from this meeting. User:DinoWP and User:Emojiwiki are invited but none of them participated in this meeting.

Additional Notes edit

Regarding the work plan with other user groups, the group has come to the conclusion that we're planning on collaborating with a local chapter and running an edit-a-thon together that would focus on expanding the content created by newcomers. If we are collaborating with a local chapter, we can run edit-a-thons with the theme of the other chapter/user group/thematic organization.