Wikimedia Navigator User Group/Events And Activities/CGM2022/January

The Group Meeting on January, designated to act as a monthly checkup on the group's status, have discussed the following:

  • Finalize Annual Report
  • Consider to create a newbie manual for standardizing the guiding process
  • Discuss potential "quantifiable" achievements this user group can make, and how to execute.
  • Election of council members.
  • Define departments and their responsibilities.
  • Prepare amend the constitution and nail down the time of the 2nd Wikinavigator Conference.

Participate edit

The meeting will be held on January 29th at 8:00 pm.

All user group members can obtain the zoom link from the "members-only" channel on the Discord server, and non-user group members can also ask committee members to get join link in the Discord server talk channel or Telegram group.