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We reach out to you as you are an eligible voter in the 2021 elections for the Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation, which have just started.

The Wikimedia Foundation operates projects such as $ACTIVEPROJECT and is led by a Board of Trustees, being the decision-making body of the Wikimedia Foundation. Learn more about the Board of Trustees:


This year four seats are to be selected by a community vote. Twenty candidates from all over the world are running for these seats. Learn more about the 2021 Board of Trustees Candidates:


This is why you and globally more than 70,000 other members of the communities are asked to vote. Voting began at 00:00 UTC August 18 and lasts until 23:59 UTC August 31. To vote, go to SecurePoll on $ACTIVEPROJECT:


Read more information about this election:



The Elections Committee


This mail has been sent to you as you have registered your email address with the Wikimedia Foundation. To remove yourself from future election notifications, please add your user name to the Wikimedia No Mail List: