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For bylaws of Wikimedia chapters see bylaws

Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. was incorporated 20 June 2003 under Florida law by filing Articles of Incorporation.

This page was a development version copy of the Wikimedia Foundation bylaws pursuant to the Articles of Incorporation, and was a copy of the bylaws.

Changes of Bylaws

Bylaws were first issued in 2003. They were revised in 2006; in 2008; 2018 and 2020, and in smaller ways on other occasions. For the latest version, please see Wikimedia:Bylaws.

For discussions on the major update in 2006, see this talk page and on foundation-l.

The August 12, 2006 revision of this page contains the text that was provided by Anthere for discussion. On the Wikimedia Foundation member status, see some protests by English Wikipedians.[1] [2] [3]

From 2013 on, the Board started to publish proposed changes to the bylaws for consultation with the community:

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