Wikimedia-l is the mailing list for all Wikimedia-wide matters, whether they concern projects, chapters, other affiliated groups, or the Wikimedia Foundation. It is the successor to the foundation-l mailing list, which was renamed to wikimedia-l in April 2012.

List description


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Discussion list for the Wikimedia community and the larger network of organizations (Wikimedia Foundation, chapter organizations, affiliates, partners) supporting its work.

This mailing list can, for example, be used for:

  • The initial planning phase of potential new Wikimedia projects and initiatives
  • Organizational issues of the Wikimedia Foundation, chapter organizations, others
  • Discussing the setup of local Wikimedia chapters
  • Developing and evaluating grant-making programs
  • Planning elections, polls and votes
  • Discussion of projects that don't already have a mailing list
  • Finding ways to raise funds
  • Other Wikimedia-related issues

This is a high traffic mailing list. The list is moderated, and is publicly archived. New subscribers are initially moderated.

Participants are asked to remain civil and stay on topic. Please see the Guidelines at: .

There has been a soft quota of 30 posts per individual per month since November 2009.

Stats are useful to keep (self) discipline: April 2004-2012 & April 2012-Present



The Wikimedia-l list is archived in several places; among them:

Best of


Spectacular posts which (several) people remembered, used and/or referenced several times, years later. (Usually on the spirit of the list and of Wikimedia in general; posts on specific matters are generally mentioned in specific pages, see e.g. Machine translation.)




As of 2016, new members are automatically moderated. The current list administrators are Asaf Bartov, Shani Evenstein, Butch Bustria, João Alexandre Peschanski, Ravishankar Ayyakkannu and Risker/Anne.[1]