Wikimedia Foundation Governance Wiki

The Wikimedia Foundation Governance Wiki (at and based on the wiki previously known as Foundation Wiki) is the wiki where the Wikimedia Foundation makes publicly available governance materials.

Wikimedia Foundation Governance Wiki
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Screenshot of Wikimedia Foundation Governance Wiki
Available inMultiple languages
OwnerWikimedia Foundation
Managed byMovement Communications
Launched30 July 2018
Version2.1 (October 2021)
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The wiki's content includes Wikimedia Foundation governance and legal materials, such as:

  • Board of Trustees documentation
    • Minutes
    • Resolutions
  • Legal documentation
  • Security documentation
  • Organization policies and related documentation


The primary goals of the efforts around this wiki are to:

  • Allow for increased participation by already engaged community members
  • Facilitate talk page based discussion of content on Wikimedia Foundation Governance Wiki
  • Allow for translation of wiki content into languages other than English
  • Reduce number of duplicate pages between Meta-Wiki and Wikimedia Foundation Governance Wiki
  • Limit liability of editing wiki content to Wikimedia Foundation

Interwiki link

The interwiki link for Wikimedia Foundation Governance Wiki is foundation:

Example: foundationsite:Home

Development and maintenance

The wiki is maintained by Wikimedia Foundation staff and contractors, with support from Wikimedia volunteers. The On-wiki documentation working group advsies on the wiki's overall non-technical operations. Most content is managed by either the Communications or Legal departments within the Wikimedia Foundation. The wiki is currently being administered by the Movement Communications team within the Foundation's Communications department.

Future plans

For further information, see foundation:Wikimedia:Roadmap.


For further information, see foundation:Wikimedia:History.

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