Wikimedia Foundation Board noticeboard/June 2022 Meeting Outcomes from Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees

June Meeting Outcomes from Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees


Dear all,

Following up on my message from a few weeks ago about prior meeting outcomes of the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees[1], Maryana and I wanted to share more information about the board’s most recent meeting in June 2022.

The Board spent most of the meeting reviewing the Wikimedia Foundation’s Annual Plan, which the Board unanimously approved. This plan is a summary of the Foundation’s goals for the coming 2022—2023 fiscal year.[2] The plan is now anchored in the strategic direction of our movement strategy: knowledge equity and knowledge as a service. It identifies the Foundation’s focus on regions and on projects. Thank you to volunteers who provided input. There were about 12,000 pageviews of the plan on Meta-wiki (4x increase from last year) with 30+ contributors engaging on the talk page from across 8 wikis, including Arabic, Swedish, German Wikipedias, Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata. 750+ community members from all regions of the world were reached through ‘two-way planning conversations’ that included multilingual support in 15 languages.[3] The final version includes an appendix and summary of the feedback we received from these processes. The Board of Trustees will continue to partner with Maryana and Foundation leadership to share information and invite co-planning with communities as the year progresses. Please continue to share any reflections and questions about the Annual Plan on Meta; while the plan has been approved, we welcome opportunities to explain, elaborate, or take into account (and for future planning) things not considered before.[4]

There were a few other items on the meeting agenda including an update on the Universal Code of Conduct, reviewing[5] the Foundation’s annual environmental sustainability report[6] and approving a working capital policy for the Foundation.[7]

In the spirit of making the board’s work more visible to others, two observers from the Movement Charter Drafting Committee joined the Board meeting and the Board hosted an open call with Wikimedia Foundation staff immediately following the meeting.

The Board will also host a session at Wikimania for conversation and answering questions on these topics or others that you may have. We plan to meet again in September in Berlin in conjunction with the Wikimedia Summit. We hope to see some of you there.

Nat and Maryana