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Option #2 of 3 naming convention proposals
Wikipedia as a Movement
We call it what it is: a movement supported by regional, linguistic, and thematic organizations.
Movement Wikipedia Movement
Movement tagline Part of the Wikipedia Movement
User groups Wikipedia Group Penguins*
Chapters/Thematic orgs Wikipedia Organization Antarctica*
Foundation Wikipedia Organization
* “Antarctica” and “Penguins” are made up affiliates

**Initial localization, for illustrative purposes only.
Why this is being proposed:

Let’s make the movement of people and affiliates visible in our branding by using the term explicitly. This enables an emphasis on the heroes of free knowledge: the movement that makes the projects possible. Building on Wikipedia’s reputation, this option shares the trust, love, and value people associate with Wikipedia across movement members. In using “Organization” for the Foundation and chapters, it also describes these groups as structured non-profits, which better communicates the considerable legal, technological, product, partnerships, and community-building work affiliates do.

  • Shares Wikipedia’s popularity with every part of the movement
  • Explicitly shows that Wikipedia is defined by a movement of people
  • “Organization” communicates the wide range of activities affiliates do, while still expressing our status as a non-profit (may be shortened to “org”)
  • Communicates the Foundation as a hub, possibly clarifying where legal and government concerns should be directed
  • "Organization" may be too generic and does not necessarily communicate the institutional qualities of the Foundation and chapters
  • Close in structure to current naming system, creating possible confusion and conflation

Preliminary legal comments “Wikipedia” is our best-protected and most well known trademark, so it is relatively easy and straightforward to begin to use “Wikipedia” more broadly and prominently in movement branding. Wikipedia is also the name much of the world has inadvertently used to refer to Wikimedia, so adopting “Wikipedia” as the movement name will be familiar for most people. There should be few if any issues with using the term “organization” in organization names.

Ideas for localization

All proposals seek localization from communities.

Initial recommendation: “Wikipedia” stays the same as it is currently represented in each language and all modifiers (“Movement, “Organization”, “Group”, “Antarctica”, “Penguins”) are localized.