Група користувачів «Татаромовні Вікімедійці»

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Wikimedia Community of Tatar language User Group
Affiliate codeTAT
Approval date26 November 2018
Official language(s)Tatar language
Key people
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« Creating a reliable Tatar language compass to accompany our knowledge economy era global tribesmen in their informational needs. »

— Місія татарської Вікіпедії

Група користувачів «Татаромовні Вікімедійці» (Викимедиа җәмгыятенең татар телле катнашучылары төркеме) - група людей, що зацікавлені у Вікімедійних проектах татарською мовою та відповідній тематиці.

Assuming good faith of taking part in world Wikimovement and for realization of the main aim to spread free knowledge in all languages Tatar language Wikimedians decided to register own organization.

The User Group operates on Internet.

  • Developing Wikipedia in Tatar into most popular content portal of Tatar language Internet.
  • Growing other Wikimedia projects in Tatar language.
  • Teaching new generations of Tatar language Wikimedians, developing their skills through sharing experiences.
  • Promoting transfer of all knowledge in Tatar language under free licenses.
  • Cooperating with the governments of the Russian Federation, Republic of Tatarstan, as well as different organizations and individuals to receive grants and other materials to support promoting free knowledge.


Contact information

  • Farhad (Tatar, Russian, English, French, Turkish, Italian)
  • Timerkhan (Tatar, Russian, English)
  • Abdulla (Tatar, Russian, English, German, Arabic)

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