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  2. "Dar Es Salaam", by The Tanzania Society (TNR Tanzania Notes and Records 71 from 1970): "Dar es Salaam is popularly believed to mean "the Harbour (or Haven) of Peace"—from the Persian–Arabic Bandar-ul-Salaam (Swahili Bandari ya Salama) ... However, this derivation of the name can be challenged on both linguistic and historical grounds. In the first place, it is not likely that Bandar, with the accent on the first syllable would have been contracted into Dar. Moreover, contemporary records of the City's early years—the late 1860s—rendered the name simply as Dar Salaam, meaning "The House (or Abode) of Peace (or Salvation). This more likely derivation was supported by a visitor in the 1880s, who noted how the name had already been misconstrued, and who also indicated that the Swahili form Dari Salama was that originally chosen by the City's founder, Seyyid Majid, Sulta of Zanzibar. Whether this was entirely correct, whether the name was meant to refer to the Sultan's palace specifically or to the new town in general, and how closely Majid was really likening Dar es Salaam to Paradise, we shall probably never know. Nor is the matter worth pursuing further." (further references to earlier TNR publications 3 and 19, from 1937 and 1945)
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