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sannse, Sj and Bdk planned a media competition to be held at Wikimania 2005. This is an archive of the page considering what to arrange for the event.

Results : media on commons writing on meta


There will be categories for audio, video, and four categories for photography: "nature", "people", "places" and "objects". There will also be three extra categories (one for each of photography, audio and video) for media created at, or on the way to, the conference.

  • Submissions can be entered for one category only.
  • Submissions must be your own work
  • Submissions should be suitable for use on one or more Wikimedia projects (not Commons alone)
  • Submissions must be licensed under the GFDL, multi licensed including the GFDL, or released into the public domain.
  • Submissions must be fully copyright compliant (e.g., there should be no copyright concerns about the subject of the media)
  • Entries should be uploaded to commons and listed at the gallery page at ###
  • Submissions may not have been uploaded to a Wikimedia project prior to Jan 1, 2005
  • The closing date for entries for categories 1 to 6 is 1 September 2005. Entries for all sections of category 7 must be complete by ### (probably about day two of the conference)
  • File types:
    • Audio should be submitted as .ogg files
    • Photos should be submitted as .jpg files
    • Video should be submitted as .mpeg or any open video format
  • Photos should be suitable for printing at 20 X 30cm. Audio and video should be no more than ## MB in size after compression??
  • Submissions may be digitally manipulated to improve any aspect, but should remain a true and accurate representation of the subject.
  • Consideration will be given to the choice of subject, with unusual or difficult to obtain subjects being given extra credit, but the quality of the submission will be the primary consideration



What sort of sponsorship is acceptable? It would be good to have reasonable prizes for this.

I'd say any kind of commercial photo, audio, or video manufacturer would be appropriate. Individual stores might be somewhat less so, but still appropriate [stores in the Frankfurt area, for instance].
If we get to choose, manufacturers on the eco-friendly side of things, if there are any, should be preferred I reckon.

Subject suggestionsEdit

1. Photography - NatureEdit

A specific insect, plant, animal etc. or a more general image of natural phenomena. Subjects must be accurately identified in order to make them fully suitable for the projects (i.e. "insect" is not sufficient, which species is it?)

2. Photography - PeopleEdit

This can be a specific person mentioned on the projects, or a more general illustration of a person (for example doing a particular job or of a particular nationality).

3. Photography - PlacesEdit

This includes landmarks from particular places as well as more general images.

4. Photography - ObjectsEdit

Something of a catch-all category. Might include an illustration of a recipe for Wikibooks, a household item for an article on Wikipedia, and so on.

5. AudioEdit

For information on and help with audio formats, see en:Wikipedia:Sound.

6. VideoEdit

Entries in this category should be video clips, edited shorts, animations, or other video content.

7. WikimaniaEdit

Media for this category should be created at, or on the way to, Wikimania. Facilities for uploading and processing, and for printing images, will be provided (I hope). There will be separate prizes for photography, audio and video in this category.

The Grand FinalEdit

All winners in the previous seven categories will be entered into the final. There will be photography, audio and video winners.