Wikimania 2005 presenters

This Wikimania page is inactive and kept for historical interest. If you want to get the latest news on the coming Wikimania, or join the discussion of its planning, you may visit the conference's official website.
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If you are presenting a poster, paper, workshop, or panel at Wikimania, or coordinating any other kind of event on the calendar, please add a section or page about it here to gather suggestions and discussion ahead of time.

Plenary sessions & Keynotes edit

  • Jimmy Wales (Wikimedia)
  • Ward Cunningham (Ward's Wiki, XP),
  • Richard Stallman (GNU, FSF),

and dozens more...

Workshops edit

  • Mediawiki extensions.

Panels edit

  • Wikis : What are they good for?
  • MediaWiki, The future of

and a half-dozen more...

Clusters of related topics edit

(panels or series of short presentations, with Q&A)

  • Mapping by wiki : Geodata and Wikimaps
  • Creating quality through wikis. Ideas and case studies.
  • Wikis in education : Through wikimedia and other efforts
  • Global Voices : wikis as communication channels in the third world

Other events edit

  • Wikimedia media contest -- Text, Sound, Images, and Video
  • Thursday night gathering
  • Friday night late-night events (Storytime with Papa Kurt, The Five-Minute Wikimedia : A WMD Production, Wikimedia trivia contest)
  • Saturday night party
  • Sunday night dinner (on the town)
  • Monday outings in Frankfurt

Unofficial calendar edit

There will be at least one small room or presentation area available in the conference center, throughout the conference, for holding unofficial presentations, and workshops. There will also be sections of the Terrassensaal (the community room) set up for jam sessions and gatherings.

If you are planning to attend the conference, and want to schedule your own meeting with others there, demonstrate your latest project, or hold a discussion group (about chapters, projects, wiki standards, interaction with outside agencies, &c), feel free to use this space to coordinate and reserve time slots.

The speakers room will not be available for use during most of the conference, save to speakers and presenters. The small room and the speakers room may not be open after 6pm or before 9am. If you need one of these rooms for something in particular, leave a note here.

Calendar edit

Things to keep that in mind when scheduling things: Thursday, the conference has not yet fully begun; other groups may be using these rooms. Monday, we only have the rooms until noon; after that the hostel staff will need to clean up. Similarly, most people will need to be checked out by Monday noon (unless you have made arrangements with the hostel to stay longer).

Thursday edit

Time Terrassensaal1 Cafeteria Small room Other (Speakers room, patio)
Lunch May not have access Lunch with other hostellers? May not have access May not have access
Dinner Preparations, orientation & introductions Setup

Friday edit

Time Terrassensaal1 Cafeteria Small room
S.R. Reserved for speakers/sponsors during the day. Gathering before dinner.

Saturday edit

Time Terrassensaal1 Cafeteria Small room

Sunday edit

Time Terrassensaal1 Cafeteria Small room Other (Speakers room, patio)
Lunch Awards prep during lunch
Early aft Evening prep Departure coordination

Monday edit

Time Terrassensaal1 Cafeteria Small room Other (Speakers room, patio)
Morning Clean-up Prep for city trips?