Wikigraphists Bootcamp (2018 India)/On-paper Illustrations

Wikigraphists Bootcamp
(2018 India)

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Participation Program Miscellaneous

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Online Session 1 AssigmentsEdit

S.No Image Description Author
1   Limitless knowledge from books Marajozkee
2   Books and Technology Marajozkee
3   Art depicting protection and care for children Sumita Roy Dutta
4   Depiction of two clouds Jinoytommanjaly
5   All forms of knowledge in all the languages are important. Sushant savla
6   Knowledge enlightens us. It dispels the darkness (ignorance) away. Shypoetess
7   Equality of gender Sushant savla
8   Gender equity for all including LGBT Sushant savla
9   Knowledge is the key to unlock the potential Shypoetess
10   Knowledge is the key to freedom Sushant savla
11   Openness & Acceptance of same sex couple Sushant savla
12   We know so little or there is still so much to learn Shypoetess

Information Design session PracticeEdit

S.No Image Description Author
Development of Android system
2   Energy source breakdown in Sri Lanka, for the year 2017 Rehman
3   Information chart about Bengals;
depicts information about food, population, language, art and literature.
Javascript (node, IO etc.) development
5   Names by which god has been addressed in Guru Granth Sahib Satdeep Gill
Stalinjeet Brar
6   Number speakers by language based on 2001 Census in India Fredericknoronha
7   Sahitya Akademi Award Winners (Malayalam) 1965 - 2017 Jinoytommanjaly
8   Visual representation between sex ratio, literacy and population based on 2001 Census Sumita Roy Dutta
9   Year-wise count of spiritual writers registered in Guru Granth Sahib Satdeep Gill
Stalinjeet Brar