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Wikigraphists Bootcamp
(2018 India)

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Intro edit

What is the inspiration behind this project?
The Graphic Labs on Wikimedia Commons and English Wikipedia are basis of this project.
Why are illustrations so important?
An image plays an important role in an article. It may be a photograph of the person, picture of an device, an animal etc. and also the quality & description of an image are very important in encyclopedic context. But all said, images may not be readily available with the user or on web, in required format under an acceptable license. As a result, the article or the subject may end up having no visual representation. As said, "Picture is worth a thousand words but vector illustrations are even better". It is well and good if an image is available, if not, a vector illustration/drawing can satisfy the need.

Agenda and training related edit

What is the timeline of the training?
Apart from the three-day workshop, three to four online training sessions (each of 2–3 hrs) will be conducted. This help the participants to have basic knowledge before they attend the workshop, and also let have more time for each concept. Please refer the program page for detailed information.
What is the overview of training?
The training program intends to equip the participants with all the required skills to create vector graphics per their requirement. It includes aspects of design, illustrations, demonstration and practice on Inkscape including calligraphy tools, working with maps, best practices of SVGs on Wikimedia Commons, external help tools for SVGs, working with Indic language scripts and any other topics as deemed necessary by the trainers.
What is Inkscape?
Inkscape is a free and open-source vector graphics editor; it can be used to create or edit vector graphics such as illustrations, diagrams, line arts, charts, logos and complex paintings. Inkscape's primary vector graphics format is Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), however many other formats can be imported and exported.
What is the importance of Inkscape in the context of SVGs?
It is arguably the best open-source software available for vector graphics, illustrations, in general for SVG rendering. It has been integrated with all the tools and featured required to create professional grade graphics both for technical and artistic purposes.
What kind of images can be created with Inkscape?
As mentioned above, it has all the tools to create a required illustration. A wide-variety of images can created using Inkscape, such as illustrations, infographics, maps, graphs and logos. For better understanding, kindly see that examples here, here, here, here, here and here.
What are the expected outcomes of the training?
Post-event, participants are expected to create at least two SVGs within four weeks after the workshop, and three within five months after the workshop. Apart from that, they are expected to create SVGs for articles lacking images in their area of work, and also work on community requests if any.

Event related edit

When is the event?
For the main event; 28–30 September 2018
What is the venue?
School of Design, Ambedkar University (Delhi)
How many participants were selected?
For this project, we're observing no difference between participants, organizers and trainers; everyone is here to learn from each other. However, some of the participants we'll have additional roles to play such as communications, facilitating session etc. Having said that, a total of eighteen were selected through the scholarship application process, also three other Wikimedians who are residing in and around Delhi were considered for participation. These counts don't include participants who're having additional roles to do. Please see the participation page for more information.

Miscellaneous edit

Why is only Inkscape (illustrations) given priority?
The major factor behind focusing on one software only is time constraint. As these concepts require a significant amount of time to understand and also to practice, we would like to go step by step, and make sure that all the participants are in sync with the ongoing training.
Will there be more project similar to this focusing on other concepts and tools?
There aren't any planned as of now. As the name says this a bootcamp, to kick start the community of graphists in India. Depending on the success of this project and considering the community needs, more may roll out.
Who is funding the project?
It is being jointly funded by the Wikimedia Foundation and the Centre for Internet & Society - Access to Knowledge.

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