Wikigraphists Bootcamp (2018 India)/Follow-up Survey (Aug 2019)

Wikigraphists Bootcamp
(2018 India)

Status: Done
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General overview Edit

Wikigraphists Bootcamp was organised to train the Wikimedians in and around India on vector graphics by using Inkscape to work with SVG files. Post 6-month after Wikigraphists Bootcamp a follow-up survey was conducted to understand the impact of the program, and to explore further training needed to the participants. This survey was conducted after the the SVG Translation Campaign 2019 in India which was conducted to create awareness of importance of Vector graphics in Wikimedia projects to community members in India.

The surveys were conducted by User:Gnoeee and User:KCVelaga, with the support from User:RMaung (WMF), Lindsay Anderson, and User:CAlmog (WMF).

Insights and responses Edit

Does the Participants take part in the STC 2019 Edit


How often the Participants used the skills learned Edit


Does the Participants try to fulfill requests at the Graphics Lab Edit


Does the Participants used skills learned in their tasks Edit


What kind of new skills related to Wikigraphics are you interested to learn in the future? Edit

  • I would like to have more advanced training on vector graphics in the areas of maps and infographics.
  • Tracing Jpg, XML markup language, python scripting.
  • Tools similar to Inkscape and other tools for editing.
  • I would like to get a deeper insight into the subject and learn about complex diagrams e. g. Statistical ones, etc.
  • Animated SVG, more controls in shades, shapes and lyers.
  • Advance skills in SVG with specific theme such as Maps and animated SVG

Participants knowledge of working with SVGs Before participating in the Bootcamp Edit


Participants knowledge of working with SVGs Now after participating in the Bootcamp Edit