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WikiMedi --"Wikimedians around the Mediterranean Sea."

Logo de WikiMedi

The Mediterranean Sea has become lately synonymous with problems, struggle, fighting or even death. It was for millennia a space for exchange and communication, WikiMedi is an initiative to reposition this space as a collaborative vector, through partnerships between Wikimedians on both shores of the Mediterranean.

Wikimedia and its projects are everywhere in the world, around the Mediterranean, there is a striking imbalance between the two sides with regard to the established structures of Wikimedia, on one side we find the most influential and powerful organizations (Wikimedia Chapters) with a solid organization and concrete projects. On the other side, the official structures and Wikimedians are scarce.

Currently there are three officially recognized user groups: in Tunisia, Egypt and Algeria. Others are being established (in Morocco and the Levant). These groups lack organization and support and the projects they undertake are in most cases individual initiatives.

This point was raised at the last meeting of Arab Wikimedians to WikiArabia and among the proposed solutions was the opening of these groups on other organizations.

WikiMedi is a virtual sea on which we could navigate to bridge this gap. It's ambitious, but it would not be difficult for a community that believes in sharing knowledge.

How to proceed? I propose first to find organizations that will be interested in this initiative. Second, define the terms of this collaboration that could be partnerships, training, internships etc.

Interested people

Group name

We currently need proposals and consensus for the name of the group. Please make proposals below until Monday, June 22, and the vote will go on until Monday, June 29. if you want to justify your choice, please do so in the talk page.

Proposed names and votes



Wiki Mediterran




Mediterranean Tour

Put here photos of the Mediterranean Sea, from the different countries around it. We want to have a complete tour.


  1. Create a mailing list : ongoing, see here
  2. Confirm the logo and the name in discussion page (needed to create mailing list)
  3. Propose ideas
  4. ...