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Staled (restart with another proposal welcome) There's lack of supporters in the past several years, and btw its function is handled by a MediaWiki extension nowadays (see interwiki redirect above). --Liuxinyu970226 (talk) 05:07, 2 December 2017 (UTC)

The aim of WikiLogic is to create a logic-map that documents every argument known to man. To do this we have set out to build a free, and open framework, which anyone will be able to use and contribute to. The idea is to do for logical argument what Wikipedia has done for raw knowledge.

Proposed byEdit

Douglas Kelly, Iain McCallum

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Related projects/proposalsEdit

Networks, germinated by pacifist altruist libertarians, of linked spreadsheets , incorporating as many measures as possible in order to continually & democratically co-adjust the probability of each of any statements or statistics re any human endeavors whatsoever .

Emphasis on graphing results .

( Contact Waking-to Kindness, below. )

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One interested co-worker , especially in using spreadsheets for this :

Name: Waking-to Kindness ; ; USA voice-mail-box: 206.971.9001 .


People interestedEdit

Waking-to Kindness : ; USA voice-mail-box: 206.971.9001 .

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