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A collaboration between the francophone groups of the Wikimedia movement

Ce plan d'action n'est plus à jour : nos objectifs, bien qu'alignés avec ceux exprimés ici, ont un peu changé. Pour l'instant, nos nouveaux objectifs sont disponibles en anglais, sur l'onglet affiliation. À partir d'octobre 2020, nous espérons pouvoir détailler un plan d'action plus clair ici.

WikiFranca is an initiative to coordinate user groups and francophone chapters. It aims to develop free knowledge by encouraging contributions to Wikimedia projects and promoting collaboration between the various organizations and groups of the Wikimedia movement through the Francophonie. It responds to the reality of Wikimedia projects in French, which concern the entire Francophonie.

Medium-term vision (2 to 3 years)

WikiFranca aims to be recognized within the Wikimedia movement and externally as representative of the interests and projects of Francophone communities.


  • WikiFranca wishes to evolve to obtain the status of thematic group within the Wikimedia movement in the medium term.
  • WikiFranca is a reliable interlocutor for the Francophonie institutions and for the Wikimedia Foundation.
  • WikiFranca has its own budget to support the initiatives of Francophone volunteers.
  • WikiFranca highlights local initiatives and projects and aims to support the emergence of new autonomous communities.

These four steps will build a two-sided collective that will speak to the foundation and partners as needed, but will highlight the particulars of each and every one of the public and within it.

Community needs

  • Trainings
  • Grants
  • Visibility
  • French influence support from partners and the Wikimedia Foundation.
  • Strong, experienced and caring frame for newcomers.
  • Platform for exchange and sharing.


  • Develop Wikimedians projects with respect for Francophone diversity.
  • Reduce knowledge gaps.
  • Increase and strengthen the French Wikimedia community to expand Wikipedia and sister projects in French.

Action plan 2019-2020

Objective 1: Structure WikiFranca in a logic of mutual assistance, sharing and mutual enrichment

  • Establish a joint action plan
  • Improve exchanges and feedback of experiences within the Francophone group
    • Setting up regular meetings, remotely or face-to-face during the French-speaking WikiConvention or Wikimania, between WikiFranca coordinators
    • Using a coordination mailing list
    • Creation of a dedicated newsletter.

Objective 2: Establish and diversify financing methods specific to WikiFranca

  • Open a bank account WikiFranca based in France and whose access would be shared between a treasurer and his deputy, of two different nationalities.
  • Define a budget oriented around the main actions of WikiFranca: WikiConvention, Contribution Month, French Micro-Financing Commission.
  • Set up a micro-financing commission dedicated to supporting French-speaking projects.
  • Seek sponsorship and dedicated grants to fund WikiFranca projects (such as the WikiConvention).

Objective 3: Define a common communication plan

  • Agree on an annual communication plan outlining the main lines.
  • Establish an editorial charter.
  • Follow a bi-weekly calendar of publications on social networks.
  • Produce an annual WikiFranca report on activities carried out in connection with the Francophonie.

Objective 4: Support the emergence and consolidation of Francophone communities to combat content bias on Wikimedia projects in French

  • Develop and empower groups of contributors across the Francophonie by developing Francophone training
  • Encourage the formation of new contributors in non-Western countries.
  • Diversify the origins of sources used on Wikipedia and the Wiktionary
  • Encourage the improvement and creation of French-language content on non-Western subjects and around the "gender gap".
  • Communicate on the "knowledge gap" and "gender gap" as well as on projects carried out to reduce them to the general public.

Objective 5: Develop international Francophone actions in collaboration between different chapters and usergroups

  • Organize an annual event bringing together communities.
  • Framing shared moments of contribution (month of the French contribution, 1Bib1Ref, Tell me your language, Wiki Club RFI etc.)

Objective 6: Develop an awareness of the Francophone international community within chapters

  • Organize contribution workshops in twinning between cities from different countries.
  • Create and disseminate information tools on the different French Wikimedia communities. (see WikiFranca flyer)

Proposed actions to put in place ː

Title of the proposal Potential actors / area of influence Needs that the action would answer

Axis in which the action fits

Goal Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Cost Signature
French speaking meeting at WikiInDaba 2019 in Abuja WikiFranca Referents Coordination and structuring

Internal Strategy, Axis 1

External Strategy, Axis 2

Conclude the effort to define the WikiFranca strategy.

Launch the action plan.

Discuss projets en cours pour la francophonie.

Réunion WikiFranca - rédaction d'un pad. Organization d'une visioconférence avec les référents absents? 0 Adélaïde Calais WMFr -

Conference Skype sur lignes téléphoniques et wifi

Référents WikiFranca Coordination et impulsion de dynamiques
  • motiver et impliquer les référents
  • assurer une direction démocratique
conference call où tous les référents is retrouvent sur skype, soit en utilisant leur réseau internet s'il est assez reliable, soit à leur ligne téléphonique. If the prix is ​​reasonable (-300 € / conference), rythme = tous les trois mois. WikiConvention Francophone replace a call. à évaluer Adélaïde Calais WMFr - Skype appels between chapters WMFr WMCH WMCA WMBE communication, coordination, collaboration échanger des solutions, des idées, be informed and décider ensemble appels skype fréquents between WMFr - WMCA, WMFr - WMCH, et rencontres WMFr-WMBE. 0 ou reportés sur budgets existants (WikiConv) - Instaurer même chose avec WMTNUG et WMUGCI - Semaine 1lib1ref #diversifiernossources Toute la francophonie

Certaines communautés attestent de difficultés by contribution liées à l'origine de leurs sources. Les administrateurs et une important part of the francophone community and reconnaît pas encore la fiabilité des non-occidental sources. Strategie Objectif 3: Bâtir une image de communauté à part entière.

Porter les intérêts de la communauté francophone au sein du mouvement Wikimedia. Notamment à la Wikimania, à WikiInDaba et en ligne.

  • Establish a communication plan for les réseaux sociaux pour promouvoir les différentes actions menées par les communautés francophones.e interne ː Ax 2

External Strategy ː Axis 1, Objectives 2 and 3 Educate Western communities on the use and reliability of non-Western written sources and (perhaps in the medium term) radio or podcasted oral sources, thus validated by professional journalists. Coordination of a week of sourcing workshops, on the 1lib1ref mode, described here The Wikipedia Library / 1Lib1Ref, where the rule is to add only sources

  • written by non-Western authors (including diaspora)
  • published by publishing houses or non-Western editorial offices
  • broadcast by French-speaking / non-Western radio stations, leaving their content available online
  • Western broadcasts giving voice to non-Western guests

These sources are added to existing sections of articles or by creating new sections / paragraphs / articles as needed.

As for the month of the contribution, the workshops are organized locally.

Some short-distance transportation scholarships.

Adelaide Calais WMFr


WikiClub RFI RFI Clubs and Wikimedia Communities External axis 1, objective 1, 2 and 3 Outer axis 2, objective 1

Train new contributors who can be hard at work (RFI network)

Take advantage of their familiarity with the RFI archives source bank to show by example that reliable oral sourcing is possible.

Sanctioning oral sources that have not yet been recognized as authoritative through the show (??)
text N'fana Diakité coming soon

? - Contribution workshops in international twinning

French-speaking Wikimedians

External axis 1 objective 3 and External axis 2 objective 2

Determine a day or a weekend of simultaneous contribution between two local groups on the same theme, or between a group of non-Western contributors and Western administrators Two groups of contributors decide on a theme of contribution as precise as possible and work simultaneously and by chat. Or a group of non-Western contributors and a group of administrators meet to contribute on a specific theme.


Improve Lingua Libre


Axis 1 objective 2 to develop Lingua Libre in such a way that it can first of all accommodate the linguistic diversity that lies behind Francophonie eventually, make it a tool for recording oral sources.

Through a series of hackathons (spread over 2 or 3 years) and Lingua Libre's development plan, make it suitable for hosting as many recordings as possible, to be an important linguistic tool and prepare it to serve as a tool for uploading oral sources on Wikimedia Commons. The reliability of these sources will be ensured by other means. -

Broadcast of Offline Wikipedia in Africa West Africa and French-speaking Africa A large part of the population does not know Wikipedia or does not have easy access to the internet. This access, when it exists, is not regular and it is quite expensive. Internal Strategy ː Axis 1 External Strategy ː Axis 2, Objectives 1 and 3

'Awareness on Wikipedia'

By bringing Wikipedia Offline to communities located in areas without internet access, it is necessary to make them first aware of the rich content of the encyclopedia.
'Using Wikipedia Offline'
It's about showing them how to use Wikipedia Offline, doing a lot of hands-on exercises and teaching them how to copy it to spread it further around them.

'General framework'

Sensitization to Wikipedia and Wikipedia Offline will be done during training days in the cities or villages concerned.

'Training of trainers'

About twenty trainers are needed for the first phase of the project. Their training is scheduled for two days, separated by two days for implementation.

'Training days in cities'

It will first be necessary to inform the administrative authorities of the city, then to contact the school principals, the censors of the high schools and the heads of staff of the stations of health.

Participation in the training day will be done by prior registration, and the number of participants limited.

'Training of trainers'
  • Foreign trainer fees
  • teaching materials
  • 20x participant fee

'Days in the cities'

  • trainer's trip
  • trainer accommodation
  • participating fees
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