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Workshop on Basic Wikipedia Editing - English Wikipedia

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This will be a basic workshop about learning how to edit on Wikipedia, for a complete beginner. The expected audience is the students from local Punjabi colleges and schools who will be attending the Conference but might not have an idea of how editing works. The workshop will last for about 2-2.5 hours and will be focused on English Wikipedia (A volunteer from Punjabi Wikipedia can conduct a parallel workshop for other newcomers).

The lesson plan will be mostly follow the first couple lessons of Standard Adoption Programs on EnWiki. The participants will be introduced to Five Pillars and the most basic principles about editing Wikipedia for new editors (i.e. Neutrality, Notability, among others). They will also be introduced to the idea of Wiki and how content is generated on Wikipedia.

Apart from these, participants will also be introduced to the Wiki interface and how to start editing. They will be introduced to VisualEditor and how to edit using it. They will also be told about the relevant places where they can ask for help onWiki (i.e. Teahouse and IRC Chat). As a last sidenote, we will also introduce editors to tutorials, User adoption programs and the The Wikipedia Adventure as means of learning more advanced topics on how to edit.



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