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Wikimedia through activities - an interdisciplinary project

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Here I would like to explain the possibilities and roles of Wikimedia projects to connect and enrich knowledge life outside school. Give a rough idea about how Wikimedia projects help enriching the curriculum to provide for overall development of learners. Major curriculum in India like CBSE are adopting project based learning to build research capabilities & collaboration between school and community. Here I am trying to explain how Wikimedia can enrich the curriculum in different ways and benefit for students as well as Wikimedia projects. How we can transform and enrich National curriculum using Wikimedia projects, how Wikimedia can benefit by reaching to more students and make them Wikimedia volunteers and also increase the local language content in different Wikimedia projects by reaching to students.

This talk is followed by the 'Wikipedia in Syllabus, A gentle outlook on Kerala Model' which is about how the same succesfully implemented in Kerala.


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