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The Grand Unification

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Hello World! I meant Universe actually or the bigger world. I am Abhidwip Nath (a.k.a Ovi). I am a believer in my own way, I believe in unification of everything happened, happening and will happen in this universe. Unification of massive things to the tiny building block of matter, energy, forces. every relative things will be connected by a grand unified law, there must not be any paranormal activity, everything will be known, normal to us and explainable by the Unified law, Which will explain each and every bits n parts of the universe and each n every event happening out there. The grand knowledge which we are running for. That is what my GOD is, can not definable by any physical laws, can not understandable by mathematics, can not expressible by physical or mathematical expression, which is not human, not differentiable by gender. you can write pages of equation to solve and state what dark matter is, terabytes of calculations but remember everything merges into binary which also comes from unity that is zero (0 in numeric) zero i mean to say is just a state an when something is bigger or larger than that we came up with higher state like numeric 1 and multiple of one's created other number and in such fashion when the other state or the state we want to get compared is lesser is expressed by negative one or multiple of negative one's which create other negative numbers too. so whatever we came across with is relative, from atom to solar system, from 0 to 1, from Science to Mythology, and from normal to abnormal. what i want to state is nothing is ignorable in this Great world, every thing has to cope up and each n every knowledge has to be considered to find the Grand Knowledge. and this turned me into believer. To Reader: After reading all these you may oppose me or correct me or edit me cause i am not entirely true, I am part of this Relative world. Any comment, any suggestion and any kind of information that might lead to develop this discussion further, Everyone is welcome to discuss at my Talk page. Keep brainstorming and keep up seeking the truth!


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