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Self Healing Training Through PRANAYAM & TANTRA Self Healing Training Through PRANAYAM & TANTRA

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"TANTRA is science of mastering your destiny whereas PRANAYAM is reaching to your super conscious source of JOY through your BREATH only. Breath is Life. Breath is our connection with this Body and Life in its current phase. Author and Healer Anirudh Dhodapkar experimented with PRANAYAM and MANTRA Sound to invoke healing energy in Reiki and Self Healing Students through VIPASSANA Meditation. This healing energy when discovered enables students to delve deep in mind and face the mistakes in 'thought process' and heal the exact spiritual reason through which a particular 'life situation' or disease is generated. PRANAYAM heals you physically and makes path to enter in cave of your mind to heal regressions and depressions that cause unhealthy 'life situation' and disease. In a single session of two hours,students learn some amazing practices in Self Healing,TANTA and PRANAYAM through VIPASSANA MEDITATION. Author shares daily sessions in these Self Healing Practices at his website - http://www.shthealingnow.blogspot,com and and

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'I am interested in taking this session for all those who are interested in WIKI Conference"