WikiConference India 2016/Submissions/Reduction of Coal Dust Exposure using Water Mist System: A Case Study

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Reduction of Coal Dust Exposure using Water Mist System

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Quantification of respirable dust exposure is an essential initial phase in eliminating lung diseases caused by over exposure of dust and a clear vindication of an occupational health management system. Coal workers’ pneumoconiosis (CWP), commonly called Black Lung can occur in workers who are employed in coal boilers after as little as 15 years of excessive inhalation of respirable coal dust. Lung parenchyma, lymph nodes and hila can be affected due to chronic exposure to Coal dust and the onset of the disease is directly related to the amount of coal dust in the working environment and the term of exposure. The work presented in this paper focuses on the efficiency of water mist system in reducing coal dust concentration from working atmosphere near a coal fired boiler. A sample of 10 members are selected, representing approximately 80% of total workforce involved and monitoring is carried out in preordained time periods during general working hours. Personal respirable dust sampler is used to investigate the concentration of coal dust in the atmosphere before and after installation of engineering control measure i.e. Water mist system.


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