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Redesign of Indian Education System

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Considering the current scenario of literacy rate in India, now it’s high time to realise and rectify the flaws and loopholes of the Indian education system. This abstract concentrates on the three major measures which can be made to eradicate the flaws of education system. First, we need to focus on establishment of Wiki-primary schools which will be completely free skill-based basic education system with free accommodation and nutritious food in each and every states of India for poor children, fully maintained by funding and government donations. Our vision and mission will be Learning-Sharing-Thinking-Innovation. This education system will be above all gender and religious discrimination and grading system. Secondly, as net-neutrality is still a question mark in India, so in order to get free internet access, we need to create our own broad-band services in remote areas and villages for internet based education and better opportunities. Third, we need to spread awareness among the students about the free Wikipedia materials for learning, understanding and gathering knowledge. They should be encouraged to involve more and more in Wiki-media projects which is full of challenging and innovative assignments. We should motivate each student to utilize our wiki-labs and wiki free books facilities. Wikipedia should be made as primary education resource for students. In this way we can foster greater collaboration between the students from various parts of India and the rest of the countries.


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Interested attendees and commentsEdit

I would love to be involved in this discussion, and collaborate with the author. -- 15:21, 20 July 2016 (UTC) User:Thewinster Name: Dharav Solanki. I have worked on Highschool Help Forum on Wikiversity and Presented a proposal on distributed, peer to peer networks for Internet penetration in India at an MIT Media Labs Workshop. Time seems ripe for a collaboration. :-) Anxious and excited.