WikiConference India 2016/Submissions/Open Movies Based on Blender

Hashtag: #WCI2016
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Title of the submission

Preimer Open cinema based on blender.

Your Username (For the submission author)

User:Ranjithsiji , User:Akhilan, user:Manojk [[User:User:Ranjithsiji , User:Akhilan, user:Manojk|(Link)]]

Type of presentation

presentation / cinema

Abstract (in about 300 words)

A small discussion about open cinema. Also premier different open cinema based on blender like . Big buck bunny, elephant's dream, sintel, tears of steel, cosmos laundremat, caminandes (1,2,3), Monka (From Mumbai), Ranadheeran (From coimbatore)


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Interested attendees and comments

  • --Erfanebrahimsait 09:23, 24 July 2016 (UTC)