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WCI Submissions
Please make sure to log in to Wikimedia Meta before creating your Proposal. If your submission is selected, we will contact your Wikipedia account so make sure your Username is correct.
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What you have: This is a hub about learning through video, Pictures, Block Diagrams and power point presentations. You can measure your knowledge of a topic by the guidance of experts who will review your content. With adaptive skill measurement, you'll know exactly where to start learning, so you never waste time on material you've already nailed.

Know what to learn: Go from 0 to 10 in a technology or advance the skills you need to learn a technology for a job, project or college assignment. Expertly curated skill paths show you what to learn and where to start.

A Search Engine: It's a kind of search engine. Which can filter your result and can facilitates you the best Media Articles such as Video tutorials, Image galleries and its description and your desired result.

Editors: If you are a web developer or a mathematician then you don't have to go to some other tools or editors. You can write your practice material in the Editors provided for your technologies.


Not accepted

Interested attendees and commentsEdit

Web Developers, IT Students, College Students, Techno Breaks