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Make Everyone Learn Coding

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Meghraj Singh Beniwal (Link)

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Coding can be interesting as our daily activities. It is not like we should learn those complex syntaxes and writing patterns to make the computer do something for Us. Coding can be as a simple as solving the puzzle pieces. Just put the relevant blocks together and see the logic working in real.In this talk, I will be briefing about App Inventor Project from Google which was started way back in 2010 and now it is being maintained by MIT(Massachusetts Institute Of Technology). App Inventor and the projects on which it is based are informed by constructionist learning theories, which emphasizes that programming can be a vehicle for engaging powerful ideas through active learning.The software solution allows the newcomers or beginners to develop computer programs which they can execute and run on the android operating system. Users need to play with drag and drop user interface to develop really cool working android applications which can be tested in real time on any working android smartphone. The agenda of talk is to explain a little about the App Inventor and then following the workshop session in which I will be developing few apps (3-5) in front of the audience and me sure to make them an independent android developer within a duration of 30 minutes.


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Tech Enthusiasts or anyone who loves to do things by himself.