WikiConference India 2016/Submissions/IoT and its Screenless Inferface

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IoT implementation and its Interface

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In today’s world the most made wish would be “God! I don’t want to do it myself, please make it happen”, so to make this wish come true we came up with this idea. What if, you need not to go to switchboard for closing your lights and fans, what if you can make an alarm sound whenever you fall asleep and what if you can convert your system into a security system in night. If you came from your office tired and found your home chilled after the fact that you carefully switched off your AC while leaving for your office, wouldn’t it be wonderful. We tried to develop a platform where we connect you and your house so that you both can interact and make each other life easy and comfortable. Moving forward to Door, we have made an automatic latch which can be controlled remotely from any part of world, when a guest arrives at your door step and rings the bell, an alert with a picture of that particular person will be messaged to you and then you can decide whether to open the gate or not. Actually with door, lights, fans, AC can be controlled remotely via internet or from with house by voice commands. Now as we know that the size of processor is decreasing day by day. From big room-sized its size has dropped down to pocket-sized but a restriction for the screen, devices still persist. We always need a physical screen to display and devices to take input and this restriction was holding us from creating an ideal platform. The solution we find in Sixth Sense Technology. We created computer software overrides mouse controls and enable it to be controlled by colored markers or we can say just with finger movements. The software also understands hand gestures which control its various internal features. The software also contains variety of features to make your easy like hand gesture control camera, gesture based paint. It’s a undergoing project and this was all we were able to achieve in past one and a half month. The project will further undergo many useful changes with passage of time as we planned to introduce more features in both IoT and software parts to create a perfect platform were we will not only be able to communicate and connect to our surroundings but also will be able to control our physical world and merge both physical and real world to create something new and unimaginable.


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