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Diminishing the minor tribe in border –in nation’s conflict

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Mridul Kumar Chakravorty (Link)

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Visual Anthropology workshop

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This study examines various external factors that influence socio-cultural changes which impact the most venerable children’s and woman among Meyors tribe, which is recognised and registered as Arunachal Pradesh Scheduled Tribe (ST) in 1988. Some of those social cultural factors are marriage, polygamy, early marriage, poverty, religious beliefs, lack of access to productive resources and lack of education and training. As described in The Lohit Valley Trek, Kapadia H (2007), “The young in the area, who later came with us as porters, do not have much activity, education or income. They survive on wages provided by the army when they work for them. For many months when it rains heavily, they have nothing to do but smoke opium which is easily available. Many sell opium to make a living.” The Census of India reports of 1971 and 1981 confirms that Meyor had reported to increased to 238 from 100 in those 10 years while Zakhring had declined from 23 to 14. So to identify different factors which influence Zakhring community to disappear, as described in the article “ The Zakhring Community of Arunachal Pradesh: Notes on a Lost Tribe” Chakravorty M (2015) which attempt to draw upon the Zakhring tribes lost in its identity and came to be label themselves as Meyors. Here reviewing the psychophysical status of children and women in the hilly area near international borders of Tibet occupied China and India, at Walong and Kibitho circles of Anjaw District. This Research tried to find out how those constraints can be overcome?


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