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Digital India: Transforming India

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Pranjal Sherry (Link)

Type of presentation

Talk. A short discussion could be done thereafter.

Abstract (in about 300 words)

The presentation is meant to illustrate the role of ICT and Digital India Campaign (by Govt. of India) in improvising the status of Education, bringing up the concept of e Governance and empowering women of India. The session intends to give an overview of the current status, the future along with a short discussion on "what else could be done in the field" and "challenges in its implementation". Digital India is nationwide program to proliferate digital literacy. The session would be helpful in understanding the need of digitization of various services and some of its applications. The discussion should emphasis on how Wikimedia projects could help in the following fields. How can the campaign help Wikimedia to outreach people of different regions of different states?


To be evaluated

Review and evaluationEdit

@Pranjal Sherry: Please clarify if you have any affiliation with Digital India and/ or Government of India.

Interested attendees and commentsEdit

  • Rakesh Chandra Mathur : Sounds Interesting. Eager to attend
  • Abhinav619 (talk) 04:48, 20 July 2016 (UTC)
  • Dharav Solanki. Looking forward to meeting Wikimedians interested in education and frustrated by the current education systems.
  • Anupam_anu (talk) Looking forward.