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<Developing Accountability in Elected Representatives>

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<The purpose is to present to the wiki Community a unique and groundbreaking idea of a web portal called WeAuditIndia.   The objective of the portal WeAuditIndia is designed to psychologically induce accountability among elected representatives through non-political means.   We believe this idea to be the key in safeguarding and taking Democracy to the next level paving the way towards True eDemocracy   From a governance perspective, I have kindled the interest and support of Mr.T.S.Krishnamurthy, former Chief Election Commissioner and author of the book "Miracles of Democracy" who is now on our Advisory Panel.

In order to gain scientific support from a psychological perspective, I had presented my ideas to Dr Jennifer Lerner an experimental social psychologist at Harvard and Ms Lerner is willing to offer guidance to conduct a detailed study on the implementation and its effects with the hope that the same could be applied in other democratic structures.   And Dr Dan Ariely, Behavioral Economist at Dukes and Author who works on human motivation and a reputed Ted speaker.   My objective in presenting the concept is in seeking the community’s wiki learning and support in actualizing WeAuditIndia as an open source tool for inducing accountability among the elected representatives by means of widespread civic engagement. >


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