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Cryogenics Based Life Extension in India

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Since time immemorial, man has tried to find out ways to increase his lifespan. There have been detailed references given in both the religious and non-religious / scientific texts of the quest for immortality.

Immortality itself, is a rather vague term, with no boundaries drawn as to its definition.

How long a lifespan is supposed to be considered as immortal? Can we even set a limit to such ages? Moreover, how relevant is this topic in today’s science dominated materialistic world?

All of these, and much more are by lanes in man’s search for immortality – to be able to live forever.

As we find out in this report, the Quest for Immortality is not dead. It has been gaining momentum in the modern age since the 1960’s since Robert Ettinger wrote his famous book – ‘The Quest for Immortality’. Ettinger himself, as we come to know from our research into the subject, currently lies in a Cryo-Preserved state post his Clinical Death.

Cryogenics is just one of the avenues in the Path to Immortality. Other routes may vary from those of Pharmaceuticals to Genetics, all of which converge at some point or the other during the course of this study.

So what is Cryogenics? How does it help one attain Immortality? “Cryogenics/Cryonics is defined as the practice of preserving a legally dead person at a temperature far below freezing in hopes of someday being revived and rejuvenated after advances in science have provided a cure for their ailment.”

So basically, we freeze a person who is clinically dead, in cases where the current state of Medical science is not enough to revive the said person, in hopes of reviving him/her in the future when the medical sciences will be advanced enough to cure the ailment which caused his clinical death in the first place. Our research is aimed at understanding the current research and advancements in the field of Cryonics and Cryo Preservation, to help us market tailor-made Cryonic solutions to the people who need it.


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Interested attendees and commentsEdit

I would like my audience to be from all walks of life, including medical professionals, engineers and scientists