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Architecting “COMMUNITY OUTREACH” impact for the still unconnected

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This ABSTRACT pertains to evolving the “ARCHITECTURE” portal on WIKIPEDIA to achieve a much-larger objective and fundamental goal – which is also subsumed within WIKIPEDIA’s own key objectives of:

1. Enhancing Participation

2. Enhancing Collaboration

3. Increasing Contribution

4. Measure Collaboration, Contribution and Impact

This Abstract may be considered under the “COMMUNITY” or “OUTREACH” track.


The current “ARCHITECTURE” portal is a useful repository built by individual contributors about everything uniquely marvelous and benchmarks-defining works from across the world, including India.

However, what we not being able to compile / consolidate and bring about through such an encompassing platform like WIKIPEDIA still is to realise its immense potential to effect a change for even those who are YET NOT ON-BOARD the internet flagship and not already realising/utilising WIKIPEDIA or otherwise still.

Thus, proposed through this paper is a unique collaboration between WIKIMEDIA and COA (Council of Architecture - a statutory body setup by an act of India’s national parliament in 1972 for licensing architect professionals in India) – wherein in due course of time, it is intended to utilize the distinctly important position held by an architect professional in any building project to extend their influence upon the contracting community - to set in motion a change into the lives of the unseen, unrecognized millions of men and women labourers who toil in sun and rain – literally with their bare hands to build our castles of infrastructure, homes and luxury alike.

This is an immensely powerful milestone – simply summarized into one line above – however, the other necessary “building blocks” required to achieve the envisioned already exist – like “The Building Construction Worker’s Welfare Cess Act, 1996”, the “Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY)” etc. – and thus, WIKIMEDIA and COA would only need to kick-start this process.

And if we add to this, a plausible future scenario where international donor agencies too start insisting upon “individually identifiable beneficiaries/workers” data as one of the key “measurables” for their innumerable building project grants, then the ball would be rolling that much faster for achieving the ultimate objective expressed in this paper.


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