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Addressing the gender gap in technology space through Marathi Wikipedia

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kselvarani, Dhirendra.P.Singh(co-author) (Link)

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This paper is focused on how to increase the women’s participation in technology for Wikipedia through outreach programmes.

Today, India is recognized as a major IT giant. The middle class has been redefined in India today. A major contribution to this has come from the women. India is one of the countries, where the number of women in professional courses and careers, is amongst the highest in the world. However, there are still a number of challenges faced by women in education and job, the same is applicable for Wikipedia. There is lot of research work conducted to address the gender bias on Wikipedia.

There are many programmes organized worldwide to encourage women’s participation like

  • Wki loves women in Africa.
  • Women in Red (WiR).
  • Art + Feminism and so on.

Most of the initiatives are mainly in content development where as we on Marathi Wikipedia take an innovative approach to address the gender gap in technology space. Under Marathi Wikipedia, we have organized Hackathons since 2014.

Hackathon helps to create innovative tools and applications which reflect in building up strong technical wiki community and also encourages female participation over 3 years. In this activity an attempt is made to bring the technical audience in the mainstream to explore Wikipedia in technical space using Media wiki, Wiki data and mobile applications technologies. A pre Hackathon workshop is arranged to make them aware of Wikipedia technologies. Some of the seats are reserved for the students from various colleges like IITs, NITs. It helps to spread the wiki technology across the nation where these student act as ambassadors to propagate the same. It helps to grow Wikipedia technology community with young students. This paper aims to present 3 years experiment done on Marathi Wikipedia community in technology development through Hackathon at IIT Bombay. The study focuses on technological outreach for women wikipedians, their participation, contribution and performance. With proper awareness the participation is increasing year by year.



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