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Accessing offline Wikipedia in rural area

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Wikipedia has proven in providing knowledge to all without bias. Most developed nations access Wikipedia through internet for knowledge. But many developing nations such as India,Indonesia,Philippines and many parts of Africa doesn't have good internet connectivity (even if available, not in an affordable cost) in rural areas. Schools,Colleges and Libraries have computers, but without proper internet connection. Thus making it impossible for people to access Wikipedia. Libre Digital Library was an initiative taken in a small town called Karaikudi in Tamil Nadu. Through this project we were able to provide contents of Wikipedia,Wiktionary,Wikiquote and other sister projects of Wikimedia using Kiwix. Any reader could connect their smartphone,Tablet and laptop to the local open WiFi network and access these contents through their preferred web browser. At an extend computers can be connected through wire and school/college laboratories can be transformed to Wikipedia Library.



Review commentsEdit

Can you please provide more info. Are you a Kiwix developer? Would you like to demonstrate Kiwix? Or is it something like Internet in a box - Can you clarify what you would like to present? This would allow us to decide what track we can put you into. In case we do not find a track, we would still encourage you to attend the conference and demonstrate the system at any available desk.

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