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Brezhoneg : Liammoù a denn da Wikimedia Quarto
Català : Enllaços relacionats amb Wikimedia Quarto
Čeština: Odkazy na stránky, které souvisí s Wikimedií Quatro
Deutsch: Links, die mit dem Wikimedia Quarto zu tun haben
English: Links related to the Wikimedia Quarto
Español : Enlaces relacionados a Wikimedia Quarto
Suomi: Wikimedia Quarto:on liittyvät linkit
Français : Liens rapportés au Wikimedia Quarto
Magyar: A Wikimedia Quarto-val kapcsolatos linkek
Italiano: Collegamenti inerenti a Wikimedia Quarto
日本語: Wikimedia Quarto に関するリンク集
Malti: Links relatati ma' Wikimedia Quarto
Polski: Linki związane z Wikimedia Quatro
Русский: Ссылки на страницы, посвящённые
подготовке Викимедиа Кварто —
ежеквартального издания фонда Викимедиа
Türkçe: Wikimedia Quarto'ya bağlantılı linkler
中文: 有关维基媒体季刊的连结


This is a set of quick links related to an early Wikimedia newsletter, the Wikimedia Quarto, which was produced for one year, from 2004 through 2005. Most pages related to the newsletter are actually subpages of this page WQ.

WQ 1 | 2 | 3
  • WQ/Draft – draft outline & content
  • WQ/News – latest updates and announcements.
  • WQ/Team – people needed; stars of the past issue
  • WQ/Interviews – interviews for the newsletter
  • WQ/Languages – How to coordinate an edition of the Quarto in a new language
  • #quarto channel on (our dedicated channel)
  • Wikimedia Quarto/Extras – Extras and errata from various editions.

Newsletter contests:

  • WQ/Cover – cover design contest : submit a sketch for a future cover
  • WQ/Banner – banner design contest : submit a banner design for the first page, or a themed banner design for one of the inside content pages.



  • name – discussion over the newsletter name