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The WMF Researcher right was created by the Wikimedia Foundation Legal and Community Advocacy team to provide a temporary global right to some NDA'd staff and contractors assisting in specific legal research who do not require the full global Staff Rights package.

Under the principle of least access and because the need has come up multiple times the group has been converted into a more permanent global group that can be given to WMF Staff or Contractors (permanent or temporary) when they need read-only access to deleted or suppressed text and logs but do not necessarily need other rights in the full Staff package. It is also used for NDA'd 3rd party Researchers who need API access to deleted content as part of their approved research.


WMF Researchers have multiple rights including:

  • Utilizar de limits superiors dins las requèstas l'API (apihighlimits)
  • Recercar de paginas suprimidas (browsearchive)
  • Veire las entradas dels istorics suprimits mas sens lor tèxte (deletedhistory)
  • Veire lo tèxte suprimit e las diferéncias entre las versions suprimidas (deletedtext)
  • Veire los jornals privats (suppressionlog)
  • Afichar las revisions amagadas per quin utilizaire que siá (viewsuppressed)
  • Restablir una pagina (undelete)

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