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Superprotect letter update


Hi Jfblanc,

Along with more hundreds of others, you recently signed Letter to Wikimedia Foundation: Superprotect and Media Viewer, which I wrote.

Today, we have 562 signatures here on Meta, and another 61 on change.org, for a total of 623 signatures. Volunteers have fully translated it into 16 languages, and begun other translations. This far exceeds my most optimistic hopes about how many might sign the letter -- I would have been pleased to gain 200 siguatures -- but new signatures continue to come.

I believe this is a significant moment for Wikimedia and Wikipedia. Very rarely have I seen large numbers of people from multiple language and project communities speak with a unified voice. As I understand it, we are unified in a desire for the Wikimedia Foundation to respect -- in actions, in addition to words -- the will of the community who has built the Wikimedia projects for the benefit of all humanity. I strongly believe it is possible to innovate and improve our software tools, together with the Wikimedia Foundation. But substantial changes are necessary in order for us to work together smoothly and productively. I believe this letter identifies important actions that will strongly support those changes.

Have you been discussing these issues in your local community? If so, I think we would all appreciate an update (on the letter's talk page) about how those discussions have gone, and what people are saying. If not, please be bold and start a discussoin on your Village Pump, or in any other venue your project uses -- and then leave a summary of what kind of response you get on the letter's talk page.

Finally, what do you think is the right time, and the right way, to deliver this letter? We could set a date, or establish a threshold of signatures. I have some ideas, but am open to suggestions.

Thank you for your engagement on this issue, and please stay in touch. -Pete F (talk) 18:49, 26 August 2014 (UTC)Reply



Thanks for your notice, I did update the list as per your request. Please notice that newsletter issues might be translated in the future, so it might be odd to find them in the page you told me. I'd be very grateful for suggestions of names of volunteers who'd like to help with this precious task. Best, --Elitre (WMF) (talk) 09:11, 23 October 2014 (UTC)Reply

Thanks for your note! Please see m:User_talk:Nemo_bis/Unused_local_uploads and ping the user when you leave a message. All the best, --Elitre (WMF) (talk) 16:50, 31 January 2015 (UTC)Reply

Quick Question


Mind if I ask, how do you say "commune in Morocco" and "village in Indonesia" in Occitan? its for wikidata. Thanks

comuna de Marròc; vilatge d'Indonèsia You're welcome, --Jfblanc (talk) 18:49, 17 April 2018 (UTC)Reply



阁下,您好,我觉得我应该保持中立!Cryberghost (talk) 12:29, 20 February 2020 (UTC)Reply

@Cryberghost: Why he should vote neutral for all. And for Jfblanc, where did he say you are not eligible to vote?--Camouflaged Mirage (talk) 12:34, 20 February 2020 (UTC)Reply
@Camouflaged Mirage: 我倒是觉得他是迫切地想赢得此次的管家选举!Cryberghost (talk) 12:39, 20 February 2020 (UTC)Reply
@Cryberghost:您好,您认为他应该保持中立的原因是?为何您认为他迫切想赢?--Camouflaged Mirage (talk) 12:41, 20 February 2020 (UTC)Reply
我认为在评选方面应该人人平等。从他应该为所有人投反对票开始,我就觉得他迫切想赢。— The preceding unsigned comment was added by Cryberghost (talk)
@Cryberghost:他几时投全部人反对票了。他投全部人支持票啊?您是否有搞错了?--Camouflaged Mirage (talk) 13:05, 20 February 2020 (UTC)Reply
对不起,搞错!Cryberghost (talk) 13:10, 20 February 2020 (UTC)Reply
@Cryberghost:没关系,理清楚了最好。Jfblanc Problem resolved, they are mistaken somewhere.--Camouflaged Mirage (talk) 13:16, 20 February 2020 (UTC)Reply

Reminder to vote now to ratify the Wikimedia Movement Charter

You can find this message translated into additional languages on Meta-wiki. Please help translate to your language

Dear Wikimedian,

You are receiving this message because you previously voted in the 2021 Movement Charter Drafting Committee (MCDC) election.

This is a reminder that if you have not voted yet on the ratification of the final Wikimedia Movement Charter draft, please do so by July 9, 2024 at 23:59 UTC.

You can read the final text of the Wikimedia Movement Charter in your language. Following that, check on whether you are eligible to vote. If you are eligible, cast your vote on SecurePoll.

On behalf of the Charter Electoral Commission,

RamzyM (WMF) 15:24, 5 July 2024 (UTC)Reply