TwinkleGlobal is a fork of en:Wikipedia:Twinkle. Source code is on GitHub. Search who are using this gadget.

You can use this gadget on any sites to ...

Revert edits. (fluff)
Report IP address or account to SRG. (arv)
Request for speedy deletion and report pages to GS/R. (Note: Not all wikis use {{delete}} as speedy deletion template. Report bugs here.) (speedy)

How to install

Add the following code to Special:MyPage/global.js. Preferences panel is at User:Xiplus/TwinkleGlobal/Preferences.


Disable on some wikis

if (['zhwiki', 'enwiki'].indexOf(mw.config.get('wgDBname')) === -1) {

Advanced usage


TwinkleGlobal.arv.callback(usernames, defaultCategory) provides parameters to open reporting windows directly with specific usernames. Try this snippet in your browser console:

TwinkleGlobal.arv.callback(['Example', 'Example2'], 'srcu')

For example, users can request SRCU from w:zh:Wikipedia:傀儡調查 (Sockpuppet investigations) by a user script. See also:

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