This page is the documentation for PiRSquared17's global version of AzaToth's Twinkle script, intended for SWMT members and users doing work on multiple wikis. It can probably be installed locally, but most "major" wikis have better, more localized, and more complete Twinkle versions. This script has been modified to include only truly "global" functions, and is in development.

Since there has been no demand, the proposed features below have not been implemented.


Anyone can install a global JavaScript file on Wikimedia, as long as they have a global account and are not locked.

For more information on installation: User:Snowolf/How to globally TWINKLE

Current featuresEdit

Fully completed:

  • Rollback/Revert

Features in development, requested features, and glitches/bugsEdit

Features in developmentEdit

  • Ability to automatically report pages to SRSD
    Some functionality exists on test scripts in //
  • Ability to automatically report users to SRG or SRCU
  • Global warning module, including local warning templates/translations
    Partially done

Requested featuresEdit

  • Localization (i18n)
  • ...


  • Submit bugs on the talk page, please


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