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Here, you can sort view IdeaLab members who share interests in certain types of projects, or who have relevant experience to your Idea. If you'd like other IdeaLab members to be able to find your name here, then add your profile to one of the categories listed below, which are organized by interest and experience.

Users by interestsEdit

IdeaLab members interested in gender gap projectsEdit

See: Category:IdeaLab_members_interested_in_gender_gap_projects

Members interested in Global South projectsEdit

See: Category:IdeaLab_members_interested_in_global_south_projects

Users by skillsetsEdit

IdeaLab members with community organizing experienceEdit

See: Category:IdeaLab_members_with_community_organizing_experience

IdeaLab members with design experienceEdit

See: Category:IdeaLab_members_with_design_experience

IdeaLab members with programming experienceEdit

See: Category:IdeaLab_members_with_programming_experience

IdeaLab members with project management experienceEdit

See: Category:IdeaLab_members_with_project_management_experience

IdeaLab members with research experienceEdit

See: Category:IdeaLab_members_with_research_experience