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I'm excited about my Idea and want to develop it. Where do I go from here?

After you start developing your Idea, it's a good idea to get some support from the IdeaLab community. Volunteers, endorsements, and discussion within the community can help make your idea happen, and is also a factor when making funding decisions for Wikimedia Foundation grants.. You can also find potential volunteers for your idea here.

Some ideas are about changing project policies or guidelines. In many projects, this is achieved through discussion, often through a process called Requests for Comments. You can learn about Requests for Comments from the community here.

What type of Grant is right for me?

Some ideas in IdeaLab can be expanded into either Rapid or Project Grants. You can use the "Expand your idea" section at the bottom of each idea page, but make sure to read the guidelines and criteria for Rapid or Project Grants first. It's also a good idea to look at previous grant proposals for inspiration and examples.

Are there any tools to help me plan and implement my Idea?

Yes! Phabricator is a great tool to manage tasks and coordinate support with your idea. See this page to get started. You can learn more about Phabricator in general here.