I am passionate about promoting the Igbo language amid the fast development taking place in the world. As a way of contributing, securing, and learning from scientific developments, I have volunteered in community services for the translation and voicing of health-related messages for illiterate women organized by REDAID NIGERIA in partnership with Audiopedia (URIDU) and sponsored by GIZ.

Facilitator for University of Nigeria, Nsukka wiki fan club Igbo Edit-a-thon under the Igbo Wikimedians User Group (February 2022)

Online Facilitator for Igbo Wikipedia Edit-a-thon #BreakTheBias# training ( 10th March 2022)

Participant in the Igbo Wikipedia during Wiki Gap challenge for #breakthebias contest (March 2022)

Participant in Wiki for Human Right Contest on translation of Igbo Wikipedia articles (April 2022)

Participant in adding Igbo descriptions to the Wiki Loves Africa 2022 Campus Photo Fest (March 2022)

Winner for adding Igbo words, pronunciation and images to the Igbo Wiktionary contest (May 2022)

Participant in adding museum items in celebrating International Museum Day (May 2022)

My flash fiction titled "Nurtures Inside" has been published in the only surviving student journal since 1961 called The Muse. WakeUp Africa magazine has published my creative poem titled "Survivor" in one of her post-Covid poetry contests.

As a lover of music, I enjoy playing the keyboard as food for my soul. I am open to learning new things in the academic, entertainment, political and religious sectors.