Streaming Wikimedians

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There are a number of Wikimedians streaming when they edit or otherwise interact with Wikimedia content on various platforms like Twitch and YouTube. For "regular" video channels that affiliates have, see YouTube channels. If you stream, add yourself to this table.

Who? Channel/playlist name Type of content Platform(s) Language(s) Notes
Abbe98 and Ainali Wikidata Live Editing Wikidata edits and queries Youtube en Usually Saturdays 19.00 UTC. List of episodes
Smirkybec Smirkybec Wikipedia editing Twitch (early tutorials archived on YouTube) en Monday and Wednesday 13.00 UTC
VIGNERON belett Wikidata SPARQL (mostly) Twitch (archived on YouTube) fr (mostly) Tuesday 18.00 CET/CEST
Assassas77 halyos Wikipedia and Wikisource editing, help pages and tools discovery. Twitch fr (mostly) Tuesday 20.00 CET/CEST

Saturday 13.00 CET/CEST

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