Wikipedia Weekly Network/Live Wikidata Editing

Live Wikidata Editing is a Wikipedia Weekly Network live streaming show where User:Ainali, User:Abbe98, and guests edit and query Wikidata live. Episodes are usually centered around various topics, tools, or workflows. Watchers can interact and ask questions live through Youtube, Twitch, or Facebook. The videos are licensed under CC BY. Do you have a suggestion for a future topic or tool we should talk about? Let us know on the talk page!



This list is a community effort, be bold and make edits! All videos have chapter markers on Youtube, making it possible to jump to interesting parts of the videos. If you think more markers could be added, please comment on the Youtube video. The videos are also collected in a playlist.

List of episodes
# Main topic(s) Date Youtube link Long description
112 Wikidata Modelling Days 2 December 2023
111 Graphs 18 November 2023
110 WDQS Maps, UNION queries, Govdirectory 14 October 2023
109 Lexeme challenge, LexemeTranslations.js, Lexeme Forms, Lexeme Graph Builder, RDF 29 April 2023
108 Named subqueries, Govdirectory, Glaciers, WDQS 1 April 2023
107 Govdirectory, Named subqueries 11 March 2023
106 Public companies, Govdirectory, Wikiproject 25 February 2023
105 Structured data on Commons, QuickStatements, Eurovision 11 February 2023
104 Govdirectory, Events, Maintenance queries 28 January 2023
103 Govdirectory, Lexeme Forms 21 January 2023
102 Climate, Glaciers 14 January 2023
101 Christmas, Lexeme Forms 17 December 2022
100 Past episodes, tools, celebration 10 December 2022
99 Climate, COP, Podcasts 19 November 2022
98 Music, Entity Explosion 12 November 2022
97 Climate, Scholia, Author strings, QuickStatements, Structured data on Commons 5 November 2022
96 Wikidata's 10th birthday 29 October 2022 User:Ainali and User:Abbe98 are celebrating Wikidata's 10th birthday with Denny Vrandečić and Sandra Fauconnier. We'll be chatting about the past, the future and be playing Wikidata games.
95 Climate, Glaciers 22 October 2022
94 Maps, Kartographer, RDF 15 October 2022
93 Qualifiers 8 October 2022
92 Kartographer, Maps 1 October 2022 Showing new Kartographer functionality and making sentences with SPARQL.
91 Structured data on Commons, OpenRefine 24 September 2022
90 Software Freedom Day, Open Source, WDQS, Graphs 17 September 2022
89 Wikimedia Chapters, GovDirectory, Kartographer, Maps 10 September 2022
88 WikiLovesMonuments, Wikidata Image Positions Tool, Maps 3 September 2022
87 Food, QuickStatements 23 July 2022
86 Wikimania, PAWS 16 July 2022
85 Wikidata Data Quality Days, Property pages, EntitySchema 9 July 2022
84 Celtic Knot, Lexemes 2 July 2022
83 MWAPI, SPARQL, Pageviews 11 June 2022
82 Lexeme challenge, Glacers, SPARQL, Maps 4 June 2022
81 Vegan burger day, Glaciers, SPARQL 28 May 2022
80 Wikimedia Hackathon, Open source 21 May 2022
79 Wiki Loves Earth, WikiShootMe 14 May 2022
78 Kartographer, Maps, OpenStreetMap, Overpass Turbo 9 April 2022
77 Spring, iNaturalist 2 April 2022
76 Govdirectory 26 March 2022
75 Website generation, Snowman 19 March 2022
74 Listeria, Watchlist, Recent changes, WDWP patrol dashboard, patrolling 12 March 2022
73 Open Data Day, SPARQL, Bubble Chart 5 March 2022
72 Govdirectory, Wikipedia navigation template, WCQS 26 February 2022
71 Eurovision, Structured data on Commons, ANZO SPARQL 19 February 2022
70 Sports, Template queries, Line charts 12 February 2022 Making a query for all Olympic gold medalists, Ordering them by the age they, Using COALESCE to get one value, Finding all Winter Olympic disciplines that has ever been, Setting up for template query to select the discipline, Selecting the number of participants over time, Plotting it as a line chart
69 Södertälje, Template queries, Sports 5 February 2022 Turning it into a template query to select any municipality, Maintenance query for wrongly used cities and editing, News in the interface, Querying for sports in a municipality, Counting the sports, Turning it into a template query to select any municipality
68 Wikitrivia, Govdirectory, Autoidentfier.js 29 January 2022 Wikitrivia - Wiki history game, Querying using a Wikipedia category as starting point, Building out the query with more properties, Adding Finland to Govdirectory, User script Autoidentifier.js
67 SPARQL, Maps, Template queries 22 January 2022 Merging municipalities, Query for monuments near nature reserves, COUNTing the monuments, Using the around service in the query, Using the template functionality to get a dropdown list, Making the query user-friendly with map and title, Making a "subquery" to embed in the original one, Generating the subquery within the first query, Making the second query to run immediately when clicked
66 Govdirectory, Property, WikiProject, OpenRefine 15 January 2022 Updating a WikiProject, Checking/updating maintenance queries, New property for freedom of information requests, Importing URLs with OpenRefine, Showing the planned use in Govdirectory, Query for usage of the property
65 2022, SPARQL 8 January 2022 Querying for items with 2022 in the label, Filter for a string, Query for properties of a certain type, Filter for time span, Service announcement and tip, Query for things in a certain year, Manual editing of items in 2022
64 Christmas 4 December 2021 Manually editing items about Christmas food, Manually editing items about Christmas candy
63 MWAPI, SPARQL, Pageviews, Github 27 November 2021 Pageviews in the general AP, Query for a category name, Query for pageviews through the Wikidata query service, Following queries over time, Copy and pasting your own version
62 MWAPI, SPARQL Phabricator 20 November 2021 Problem with examples in the query services / Simple query for an image / The Wikimedia Commons API sandbox / Creating a query for image metadata using the Commons API / Preparing and adding a query as an advanced example / Discovering a problem / Searching for existing or relating Phabricator tickets / Making a Phabricator ticket
61 Maps,, Kartographer 13 November 2021 Kartographer documentation / Mapping lighthouses in the Stockholm archipelago / Mapping the 50 largest municipalities in the Nordic countries / Basic KeplerGL map / Timeline in KeplerGL / 3D-lines in KeplerGL
60 COP26, SPARQL, Lexeme Challenges tool 6 November 2021 Editing the COP26 item / Making queries and clean up data / The Lexeme Challenges tool
59 WikidataCon 30 October 2021 Jan and Albin discusses and recommend things they have seen on WikidataCon.
58 Wwwyzzerdd , Shaped expressions, Query builder , Cradle 23 October 2021 Wwwyzzerdd browser add-on / Query builder / Query to get articles in one language but not another / Entity schema for government agencies / Cradle
57 Food 16 October 2021 Jan editing sandwiches / Albin editing chocolate cakes and chocolate
56 OpenRefine 9 October 2021 Adding a simple dataset with OpenRefine / Advanced data cleaning and importing to Wikidata
55 OpenRefine 2 October 2021 Adding a simple dataset with OpenRefine / Cleaning up data in OpenRefine
54 PAWS  and ItemSubjector 25 September 2021 PAWS basics and walk through / Setting up ItemSubjector in PAWS / Adding main subject (P921) with ItemSubjector in PAWS
53 Gadgets, tools and user scripts 18 September 2021 Where to find gadgets / Jan's favorite gadgets / User scripts / Auto identifier input / Albin's favorite tools and where to find them
52 Constraints 11 September 2021 Basics of constraints / Manual correcting items with constraint warnings / Wikidata Quality Days information / Editing property constraints / Querying for constraint violations
51 Structured Data on Commons, SPARQL, Depictor, MWAPI, Wiki Loves Earth 4 September 2021 Structured data on Commons basics / Using the Depictor tool: Categories for Depictor, Queries for Depictor / Query for the age of the WCQS dump / Exploring the Structured Data on Commons / Query for licenses in the Swedish WLE 2021 / Query for when the images in the Swedish WLE 2021 was taken / Deep explore of the structured data stored
50 Properties, SPARQL, Wiki Loves Sport 28 August 2021 Making a property subject template with the help of SPARQL / Editing sports competitions and finding errors using SPARQL
49 Govdirectory, SPARQL 3 July 2021 Intro to govdirectory / Query for Swedish state level agencies / Cleaning up data manually / Making a country overview page on Wikidata / Query for UK ministerial departments
48 Lexemes, SPARQL, MWAPI 26 June 2021 Query based on recent changes by a user / Creating Swedish lexemes based on Sami words / Querying lexemes derived from other lexemes in a graph
47 Properties, SPARQL, MWAPI 19 June 2021 Querying types of properties based on the property's "instance of" / Querying types of properties based on the property's datatype / Improved workflow with scholarly articles and authors / Query scholarly articles with MWAPI
46 Lexeme Entity Suggester, Lexeme forms, LinguaLibre, Author Disambiguator, Scholia 12 June 2021 Showing LexemeEntitySuggester.js / Creating lexemes with Lexeme forms / Editig the lexeme with LexemeEntitySuggester.js / Creating query for LinguaLibre / Using the query in LinguaLibre to record audio / Recap of Wiki Loves Earth photo statistics / Author Disambiguator tool / A look at Scholia
45 WikiProjects, WDQS maps 29 May 2021 Finding WikiProjects / Italian FLOSS catalogue / Mapping properties / Geoshapes on Wikidata / Querying for properties with datatype geoshape / Displaying geoshapes in the query service
44 Projector, PagePile, TABernacle 15 May 2021 Setting up Projector for WikiProject. / Editing Wikidata like a spreadsheet with PagePile and TABernacle.
43 World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day, OpenStreetMap, Overpass Turbo 8 May 2021 Manually editing about the World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day. / Adding Wikidata tags to OpenStreetMap using Overpass Turbo.
42 Kartographer, Wiki Loves Earth, Structured Data on Commons, WDQS Maps, SPARQL 1 May 2021 Follow up on maps from the week before / Query for images that participated in Wiki Loves Earth / Query completeness of images of nature reserves by municipality / Create a query through a query!
41 Kartographer, iNaturalist, Wiki Loves Earth 24 April 2021 Adding a map on Wikipedia with a query / Adding species to nature reserve items
40 Property proposal, accessibility, iNaturalist 17 April 2021 Proposing a property for accessibility statement URL / Adding places to iNaturalist with help of Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons
39 QuickStatements, SPARQL, Structured data on Commons 10 April 2021 Query to Quickstatements workflow / SDC query to Quickstatements workflow
38 StatementCounts, Structured data on Commons 3 April 2021 StatementCounts in categories / Editing Structured Data on Commons with a userscript.
37 Earth Hour, WDQS graphs 27 March 2021 Editing Earth hour manually / Adding carbon footprint data and making a graph with the query service
36 Lexemes 20 March 2021 Basic lexeme editing / Basic lexeme querying
36 Discussions, SPARQL 13 March 2021 Participating in discussions and proposals on Wikidata / Creating a calendar with SPARQL
34 Open Data Day 6 March 2021 Basics of Wikidata / Example of an item about a dataset / Creating an item about a dataset / Querying after open data sets and their licenses
33 Wikidata statistics, Polar Bear Day 27 February 2021 Wikidata statistics and Grafana dashboards / Manually editing International Polar Bear Day
32 Lexemes, Property proposal, Structured Data on Commons 20 February 2021 Lexeme statistics and coverage / Editing lexemes with the lexeme-forms tool / Experimental annotation tool / Double-click to lexeme search / Creating a property proposal for Structured Data on Commons
31 I Love Free Software Day, Cradle 14 February 2021 Manually editing open source software items / Creating items using Cradle / Querying for FLOSS software in Wikidata
30 Lexemes, SPARQL, Quickstatements, Federated SPARQL 6 February 2021 Overview of lexeme tools and possible workflows / Using external SPARQL endpoint to import through Quickstatements
29 WikiProjects, Properties 30 January 2021 WikiProjects on Wikidata / Querying for least used properties
28 Cradle, Shaped expressions 23 January 2021 Using Cradle / Shaped expressions in practice
27 WDQS graphs, Wikipedia's 20th birthday 16 January 2021 Timeline and bar chart / Time series
26 Lexemes, LinguaLibre, WDQS maps, Maintenance queries 9 January 2021 Lexeme-forms tool / LinguaLibre / Geo-based maintenance queries
25 Climate change 12 December 2020 Connecting women related to the UNFCCC manually / Editing the Paris Agreement item manually
24 Maintenance queries 14 November 2020 Maintenance queries for elected offices / Maintenance queries for glaciers
23 WikiShootMe , 7 November 2020 Improving your local neighborhood with wikishootme and manual editing / Interactive maps and timelines with KeplerGL
22 WDQS maps, WDQS timelines, SPARQL 19 October 2020 Creating maps from queries / Creating timelines from queries
21 Climate change, WikiDojo 25 September 2020 Ainali and Abbe98 are joined by User:Armineaghayan, User:Mervat, User:VIGNERON and User:Mahir256 for a WikiDojo Special. We will be doing some live editing on Wikidata (in English), and discussing our thought process of what we are doing and what we find interesting in the relay-style of a custom WikiDojo. The twist this time is that each person gets 3 minutes before handing over the screen to the next person and it will be two rounds each.
20 Wiki Loves Monuments, SPARQL 19 September 2020 Service wikibase:around / Wiki Loves Monuments upload
19 Cradle, SPARQL, WDQS maps 10 September 2020 Using Cradle to create railway station items / Layers in map queries
18 QuickStatements, SPARQL, WDQS Templates 5 September 2020 Query labels to QuickStatements / Query to QuickStatements / Templates in WDQS
17 SPARQL 27 August 2020 Rivers (Olandsån) / 2020 East Africa floodings / Queries for lakes in nature reserves
16 QuickStatements, Climate change 23 August 2020 QuickStatements labels / 2020 Belarus protests / New MediaWiki skin / Carbon footprint property
15 QuickStatements, The Wikidata Game 8 August 2020 Editing events with QuickStatements / Playing the Wikidata Game
14 Structured data on Commons 1 August 2020 We check out Structured Data on Commons and also show how it connects with Wikidata.
13 Wiki Loves Sport, SPARQL, QuickStatements 25 July 2020 Editing committees with QuickStatements / Editing and querying for Wiki Loves Sport
12 WikiProjects, SPARQL, Petscan 18 July 2020 WikiProject Sweden / SPARQL query for Swedish laws / Modeling laws / SPARQL query for Swedish railway stations / Editing with Petscan
11 Lexemes, Railways 12 July 2020 Jan edits Swedish regions / User:Mahir256 edits lexemes / Albin edits Umeå railway station
10 Listeria 4 July 2020 Jan makes a listeria list / User:TiagoLubiana edits Covid-19 vaccines
9 World Day Against Child Labour, Petscan, SPARQL 12 June 2020 Ainali edits around World Day Against Child Labour / Ainali shows mass editing with Petscan / Abbe98 edits various items through querying topics
8 WikiDojo 6 June 2020 In this special episode of Wikidata Editing Jan Ainali and Albin Larsson are joined by Siobhan Leachman, Larissa Borck, Susanna Ånäs and Jane Darnell for a WikiDojo speceial. One person edits for 10 minutes with a co-pilot and then we switch and so forth.
7 Shaped expressions, JSON2Tables 1 June 2020 Manually editing of food. / Editing orienteers with the help of Shaped expressions. / Our guest User:Fuzheado talks about linked data vocabularies and GLAMs. / The JSON2Tables template.
6 Structured Data on Commons, Visby 24 May 2020 Structured Data on Commons file candidates / Albin edits items about Visby
5 Cradle 2 May 2020 Manual editing to improve an item / Creation of a dataset item with Cradle / Manual creation of an item for a data portal / Splitting Wikidata items
4 SPARQL 25 April 2020 Manual editing of items for food / SPARQL to use a new property
3 SDGs / property proposal 11 April 2020 Updating items for global goal targets and indicators / Creating a property proposal for glaciers
2 WDQS Graphs 4 April 2020 Manually editing a speech to the nation / Barcharts from Wikidata
1 WDQS Maps 29 March 2020 Manually creating an item for a public consultation / Visualizing glaciers to improve quality