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該小組由任何相關的義工所組成,無論他們能否隨傳隨到。這個小組負責往來維基媒體基金會有用文件,翻譯和相應的校對工作(主要是中英文之間)。其中一個主要責任就是維持基金會中文官網(繁體, 簡體)的時效性,還有其他主要文件(新聞稿、指引等等)。相關的協調和翻譯、校對工作都會在這個wiki───「元維基("Meta")」上完成。


Sinophone translation team & Copy-editing crop
This page is used for coordination of the Sinophone translation team & Copy-editing crop. Both the Team and the crop is being formed, please feel free to sign below to join.

This team is composed of volunteers any of whom may or may not be active at any time. The team is charged with translations & relevant copy-edits to and from Wikimedia Foundation all useful documents (primarily between Chinese and English). One of the principal objectives is to keep the Chinese Official Foundation Page (zh-hant, zh-hans) up to date, as well as primary documents (press releases, guidelines, etc.) This coordination and results of the translation will be done here on this wiki, the "Meta" wiki.

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