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Japanese Translation Team

This is the place where the Japanese translation team is organized. All plans, updates, news related to Japanese translation should be posted here.

The Japanese translation team is a voluntary group, and is responsible for translating Wikimedia Foundation-related pages to Japanese and Japanese project pages to other languages (mainly English). The purpose of this group is to keep Japanese speaking Wikimedians informed about the Wikimedia Foundation's projects and also let them easily find their path and contribute in Meta affairs by doing these translations.





Requests 翻訳依頼Edit

page name ページ名 % remarks 備考
!! Translation requests/WMF/News-ja 0
!!! Translation requests/Licensing policy/ja 100 done
! Translation requests/WMF/Current staff/ja 100 done
w:ja:Wikipedia:条件文 100 need to watch ParserFunctions
Translation requests/WMF/Awards/ja 50

To be revised 翻訳改訂依頼Edit

Ongoing discussion 進行中の議論Edit

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