Toolhub/Progress reports/2021-07-16

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Report on activities in the Toolhub project for the 2 weeks ending 2021-07-16.

List supportEdit

Tracked in Phabricator:
task T271386

The API endpoints for creating and managing lists have been merged.

  • GET /api/lists/ - list all lists
  • POST /api/lists/ - create a new list
  • GET /api/lists/{id}/ - details of a specific list
  • PUT /api/lists/{id}/ - edit a list
  • DELETE /api/lists/{id}/ - delete a list
  • PATCH /api/lists/{id}/feature/ - mark a list as "featured"
  • PATCH /api/lists/{id}/unfeature/ - remove "featured" flag from list
  • GET /api/lists/{id}/revisions/ - historical revisions of a list
  • GET /api/lists/{id}/revisions/{id}/ - revision details
  • GET /api/lists/{id}/revisions/{id}/diff/{other_id}/ - compare two revisions
  • PATCH /api/lists/{id}/revisions/{id}/hide/ - hide revision text and summary
  • PATCH /api/lists/{id}/revisions/{id}/patrol/ - mark revision as patrolled
  • PATCH /api/lists/{id}/revisions/{id}/reveal/ - reveal previously hidden revision
  • POST /api/lists/{id}/revisions/{id}/revert/ - restore the list to this revision
  • POST /api/lists/{id}/revisions/{id}/undo/{other_id}/ - undo changes made between two revisions

Lists marked as "featured" are now displayed on the Toolhub landing page instead of the prior paginated list of all tools. Work is in progress on the initial user interface for creating a list.

API updatesEdit

Design updatesEdit

Srishti has been working on some design improvements suggested by our recent design review:

Code freeze point chosen for security reviewEdit

We have tagged a v0.1.0 version of Toolhub in our gerrit repository as the code to be reviewed by the Foundation's Security team prior to our initial deployment. We will be continuing to work on some code while the review progresses, so this tag gives us two important things: a stable point in time for the reviewers and an easy way to show what changes have been introduced since that stable point.

The demonstration server at has also been updated to run the v0.1.0 version of the codebase.

Pre-deployment hardeningEdit

Wrap upEdit

We have had a fairly busy two weeks since the last report. The week of July 5-9 was a Foundation holiday, but both Bryan and Srishti chose to shift some of those days to later in the month so that they could be better prepared for the security review period.

We are starting to make lists of remaining tasks for a production deployment as well as plans for how to work with the community to design additional features after our 1.0 launch. This is really exciting stuff! Very soon™ Toolhub will be introduced to the entire community, and we will begin to find out what parts of it are good already and what parts we can improve to make the application more useful to the movement.