Toolhub/Progress reports/2021-07-02

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Report on activities in the Toolhub project for the week ending 2021-07-02.

Content moderation supportEdit

Tracked in Phabricator:
task T275229

We marked the content moderation support goal as   Done this week. The tooling that we have built is not perfect, but we hope that it will be useful enough to provide the community with the features they need to keep Toolhub spam-free for a while. Once we have real users actually applying the tools to real content we hope to get feedback on changes and additions that will make that work easier.

List supportEdit

We continue to work on partial implementation of the lists feature and hope to have functionality to create, edit, and delete lists via API as well as display "featured" lists in the UI completed in the coming weeks. We are planning on continuing work for the other list use cases (UI editing, personal "favorites", "featured" list management) as post-1.0 release features.

Design reviewEdit

On 2021-06-29, the Toolhub team met with Rita Ho, Olga Tichonova, Alex Hollender, and Matthew Williams from the Product Design team at the Foundation to review their feedback on the Toolhub user interface. The feedback was generally positive with many nice comments about things that we are doing well. The designers also provided many helpful suggestions of improvements that we could make in use of color, making the data displayed more compact, and navigation & branding presentation. This group has also kindly agreed to join the Toolhub team's chat channel to make it easier for us to ask them for feedback on changes we make going forward.

Security reviewEdit

The Foundation's Security team plans to start the formal review of the Toolhub code base in mid-July with a goal of completing the review and any remediation needed in the application by 2021-08-12. The review will be over committed work in Gerrit at a git hash selected by the Toolhub team on 2021-07-12. We will freeze major feature development during the review, but will continue to work on the project doing things related to preparing for the production deployment (logging configuration, deployment tooling, etc) as well as minor cosmetic changes to the UI suggested by our recent design review.

Wrap upEdit

The Foundation's fiscal year 2020/2021 ended this week. The team is continuing to work on unfinished parts of our planned FY20/21 Q4 (April-June 2021) goals, but expects to wrap that up by the 2021-07-12 date chosen to begin feature freeze during our security review. We have not written and published our FY21/22 Q1 (July-September 2021) goals yet, but they will be directly related to completing security review, deploying the 1.0 release of the application, and working to spread knowledge of Toolhub within the Wikimedia editor and technical contributor communities. It is both exciting and daunting to be so temporally close to the first official deployment of the application! July will be busy working on many smaller tasks that are needed before we can deploy, but we have strong hopes of being ready to announce the project during Wikimania.

The Foundation will be observing an organization wide week of holidays July 5-July 9. Expect the next progress report on 2021-07-16.